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Next update: Not yet scheduled

Planned changes:

  • A new field in the return values of the function validate_iban for further specifying blacklisted IBANs. We currently check IBANs against two lists: 1. a list of IBANs which are publicly visible on the Web (currently, we have more than 200000 such IBANs), and 2. a list of IBANs which are suspected to be related with fraud (currently, we have more than 10000 such IBANs). Right now, the return values of the validate_iban function support the Web list well, but for the fraud blacklist, we currently use the fields iban_www_occurrences and iban_url in a way that was not foreseen when the list of fields was designed.

We try to change the interface as infrequently as possible.

What do we need to do when the update comes?

What you need to do depends on the client you use. You may not need to do anything if you use, for example PHP. You may need to recompile your code if you use, for example, Axis. It is advisable that you empty the cache in which your WSDL data is stored.

During the day of the update, we will be changing the SOAP interface that is found at the url If you would like to control the exact point of time when the update goes live for you, we suggest that you change your url to[month] (with the month of the update in place of "[month]")  before the day of the update. This URL holds the current version. After the day of the update, change the url back to - that way you'll point your software to the newest version.

What if we don't want to update?

If you do would rather keep using the current SOAP interface beyond the next update instead of updating your client software, there is just one thing you need to do: use the URL[month] - where "[month]" is the month of the update - instead of . You can do so as soon as the update is announced, there is no need to wait until the update. We do not plan to remove any such frozen SOAP version. If, however, it would ever become unavoidable to take an old SOAP version down, we will let you know via the newsletter.

What if we don't want to wait?

If you want to use the new features immediately rather than wait until the next update, use the URL This version might change more often and without warning.

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