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The submit_iban Function

submit_iban("AT131490022010010999", "Max Pichler", "username", "password")
lets us know that Max Pichler holds a bank account with IBAN AT131490022010010999.

Alternative: If you must avoid sending us any IBAN/account holder combinations, you can still earn credits by submitting hashes rather than the IBAN and account holder, by using the functions get_salts and submit_hashes.

Purpose: If you submit a combination of IBAN and account holder of which we weren't aware yet, you earn 10 points which you can later use for 10 calls to functions such as validate_iban. The function submit_iban performs the following steps:

  • validate the IBAN. If it is invalid: return without further action. Otherwise continue.
  • Generate one or more salt values from the account holder. The goal here is to end up with salt values of which at least one is likely to be produced even if the account holder is specified slightly differently, so that we do not fail to notice the existence of the IBAN from the example above if the account holder happens to be specified as "M. Pichler" or "Pichler, Max" instead of "Max Pichler" in a later call to the function validate_iban.
  • Produce one hash from each combination of the IBAN and the salt values produced in the previous step.
  • Check if one of the resulting hashes is already in our table. If so, you did not give us new information and earn no points.
  • Otherwise, store each hash in our table of known IBAN hashes, but do not permanently store the IBAN itself or the account holder or the salts.
  • Since the IBAN/account holder combination was not yet known to us, credit your account with 10 points as a reward for extending our list of known IBAN/account holder combination hashes.

Input Parameters:

  • IBAN: xsd:string
    An IBAN you know exists.
  • account holder: xsd:string
    The name of the entity or person who owns the account given by the IBAN.
  • user: xsd:string
    The user name with which you log in to
  • password: xsd:string
    Your password.

Output Fields:

tns:SubmitIBANResStruct with the following fields:

  • result: "Thanks" if no error has occured and your IBAN/account holder combination was new to us. Otherwise, an error message in natural language.
  • points: The number of points we credited you as a reward for submitting this IBAN/account holder combination.
  • balance: Your new account balance.