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The get_swiss_banks Function

Step 1: get_swiss_banks("", "username", "password")
Returns a list of all Swiss banks, however without BC-numbers.

Step 2: get_swiss_banks("AEK BANK 1826 Genossenschaft", "username", "password")
Delivers a list of all BC-Numbers of AEK BANK 1826 Genossenschaft. The bank name entered must exactly match a bank name delivered in step one.

Purpose: Many account holders are not aware of their BC-Numbers. This function can be used to implement choice menu (Step 1: Choose a bank; Step 2: Select a possible BC-number).

Input Parameters:

  • bank: xsd:string
    Should remain empty when calling up the list of all Swiss banks. In a second step, call the function with the selected bank name in this parameter to get a list of all of the selected bank's BC-numbers.
  • user: xsd:string
    The user name with which you log in to
  • password: xsd:string
    Your password.

Output Fields:

tns:BankResStruct with the following fields:

  • result: Empty if no error has occured. Otherwise, an error message.
  • banks: A list of banks. Information about each bank is delivered with the following data structure:

    • name: Bank name.
    • bic: If the function was called with a non-empty bank name field, this field contains the BIC code. Otherwise, empty.
    • bankcode: If the function was called for a particular bank (i.e. the first parameter was non-empty), this field contains the BC-number(s). Otherwise, empty.
    • address: Bank address, if known.

  • balance: Your account balance (number of remaining transactions).