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File format (Conversion to IBAN)

Here you can process CSV files ("Comma-Separated Values") or XLS files which contain 3 columns for country, national bank code, and account number. Optionally, the country can also be taken from an IBAN column. There may be more columns - any extra columns will be ignored.

Our program tries to automatically detect the columns containing the data to be processed. You can help it by labeling the three important columns in the first row with "Country", "Bank Code", and "Account Number".

Here is an example.

Potential Problems

If your spreadsheet or database program writes long numbers in scientific notation, for example "2.10023642202001E+19" instead of "21002364220200071574", IBAN calculations or validations will fail. One possible solution is to use the XLS format instead of CSV for uploading the data onto our server. You could also avoid scientific notation by setting the cell types accordingly (text, not numbers) before exporting. Another solution could be to use the SOAP interface.

In case of any questions, please contact us.