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Using SOAP with Microsoft .NET

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How to use the IBAN calculator web service with .NET and Visual Studio:


1. Create a new project (.NET 2.0 or higher)

2. In the Solution Explorer, right-click on "References"

3. In the menu, choose "Add Service Reference" or, if present, "Add Web Reference".

4. If you clicked on "Add Service Reference":

4.1 In the dialog, click on "Advanced".

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4.2 In the next dialog, click on "Add Web Reference".

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5. In the "Add Web Reference" dialog, reference the service ( ) and choose a suitable name space (e. g., IbanService).

6. Click on "Add Reference".


By following these steps, you add a proxy class which can be used to invoke the web service methods.

Sample Code

  1. IbanService.IBAN_Calculator calculator = new IbanService.IBAN_Calculator();
  2. IbanService.IBANCalcResStruct calcResult = calculator.calculate_iban("DE",
  3. edtBlz.Text, edtAccountNumber.Text, edtLogin.Text, edtPassword.Text, "", 0);

These instructions were put together by Tom Pfeiffer - thank you very much!